Blueberry Festival

Our town throws this great festival every year known at the Blueberry Festival over a number of days leading up to Labor Day. This was our second year attending since moving back home.

Amerinkas – St. Louis, MO

One of my favorites to check out at these festivals is those that have handmade items and gemstones. My son has gotten into this as well which is fun! He has quite a collection!

View from the Ferris Wheel


I cannot believe my little man turned eleven years old this summer! Where does the time go?

Over the birthday weekend, his aunt, uncle and little cousin came out to visit and stay with us! The boys had a ton of fun. I wish we could get them together more often. A goal for the future!

New Buffalo

Spending our days at the beach is a reminder that it is summer!

We spent an extended weekend in Michigan – our first real vacation in almost a year. It was such a relaxing place with beautiful views. I believe this will need to be an annual vacation!